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Ultra Plant LED Grow Light
Ultra Plant™ Grow Light offers One Chip Technology aimed to meet your indoor growing expectation such as improve plants' quality, increase yield, or better the margin, etc., all for helping you realize a higher return on your crops. Ultra Plant™ Grow Light is combined our advanced All-In-One technology with patented optical design and customized light full spectrum supported from our experienced LED engineers, plant specialists and other partners working on horticulture. From Ultra Plant APP, you are able to schedule the growing process including photoperiod, brightness and spectral in advance. The lighting system will help you grow smarter, easier and better. Ultra Plant™ is the most versatile horticultural grow lighting fixture for indoor plants with flexible full spectrum, brightness control and uniform, wider light distribution, suitable for top lighting of all types of crops. No matter it applies to anywhere for any crop, Ultra Plant can do perfect work for you.
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